Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Question and Answers?

TechCrunch is reporting that Yahoo is putting YahooAnswers up for sale. A commenter writes, "There are many much better Q&A alternatives out there (,,…)" Have you ever used one of these sites? Which one do you prefer? Do you think teachers should encourage students to use these kinds of sites?

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Tim said...

Most sites like that you have to take at face value and I would never use one for true research. I've come across so many that had marked answers as good that were nothing more than educated guesses with nothing to back them up (and indeed turned out to be completely false). On scale I would trust Wikipedia moreso than sites like those because the only editorial control is given to the person asking the question with little quality control.

As for my personal preference I do tend to go to Ask Metafilter quite often to search for something specific and get advice. Again it's not an end result for research but not a bad starting point and the answers are always a bit higher in quality.