Saturday, May 3, 2008

Classroom 2.0 News

How many teachers are afraid of Web 2.0 and the Internet?

The Good: "As a number of teachers are becoming more interested and comfortable using various Web 2.0 tools such as class blogs, wikis, podcasts and voicethreads, safety and privacy issues are becoming a concern. School Districts have filtered out many sites and have programs such as Deep Freeze protecting private on-line information which have caused a certain amount of frustration for teachers attempting to engage their students in this new on-line learningenvironment." Read More!!

The Bad: Wesley Fryer writes, "I was a bit surprised, however, how many of the teachers expressed fear when I showed them the Classroom 2.0 social network and the ways teachers are and can connect with each other to share ideas and collaborate. The "fear and death" message of social networking has sunk deep into the fabric of educator consciousness, and a proposal to JOIN and USE online social networks for learning strikes many as heresy."

Did you see these apps?

It's Vicki Davis's birthday. "So, I thought that today, I'd give 38 presents to you for you to open and enjoy. One for each year of this amazing blessed life the good Lord has seen fit to give me."

Mark Nelson reports, "I read an interesting piece this morning about NBC's new iCue. The iCue site name comes from Immerse, Connect, Understand, and Excel and is targeted towards high school students. It will include things like study guides for AP courses in history, politics, English and other topics. More interestingly, it will allow students to "stockpile" video clips, and then annotate and share the content in a very "Web 2.0" kind of way."

Edutopia suggests, "In the classroom, I might set up a Twitter account for just my students and their parents. We can all update our little community about what we're up to in class. I also think it would be interesting to track brainstorms -- students immediately post a thought on Twitter as it enters their head, regardless of whether that idea fits into the current classroom lesson, making the site, if you will, a "parking lot" for thoughts. Or students can share requested information with their peers using the Twitter account."


Heather Loy suggests, "you must watch this video," in which the creator states, “As a senior who will be graduating, I took the opportunity to share with my school the things I learned during my journey from a freshmen struggling to stay in school to the reasonably successful senior I am today.”

Google Earth for Linux: "Linspire, Inc., developer of, the free and easy to use one-click digital software delivery service for desktop Linux software, announced the immediate availability of Google Earth for Freespire 2.0, Linspire 6.0, Ubuntu 7.04 & 7.10 (32 bit) desktop Linux users."

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