Saturday, November 10, 2007

Web 2.0 in Education: Friday November 9, 2007

In the News

O'Reilly Radar reports
, "NASA is interested in immersive synthetic environments (ISEs) because they have the capacity of providing greatly enriched educational opportunities and outreach...right now Second Life is the best commercial, widely available ISE for education, training and collaboration."

The U.K.'s Guardian Unlimited asks, "What would it take for a digitally literate Britain? What does that mean?"

On the Blogosphere

Larry Ferlazzo writes, "A few days ago I spotted a link on excellent EFL Classroom 2.0 to something called Animated Teacher Training. It seems to be just what it says it is — an animated module with text and audio support to help ESL/EFL teachers learn how to teach.

From Paul Hamilton, "Exploring and learning to use emerging Web 2.0 applications can take up so much time that that it’s easy to ignore some of the valuable Web 1.0 resources...Cells Alive, by Jim Sullivan, has been online since 1994, and for anyone studying biology it is a rich resource indeed!

Noel Jenkins shares, "Earlier this month I attended a conference entitled ‘How to enhance teaching and learning to meet the challenges of globalisation’...I thought I’d post some of my notes.

From Science Library Pad, "TVO's The Agenda had Andrew Keen on, followed by a panel about the changing nature of authority. .. Keen basically said 'the kids today are too dumb to separate truth from truthiness,' from which he draws the conclusion a better system would be elite gatekeepers providing 'professional' content."

At Classroom 2.0

Kelley Irish writes, "I have several collaborative plans on my wiki site at If you post your lessons for your classes to work on how about sharing the website-That way we are not reinventing the wheel."

Ian Grove-Stephenson introduces Asterpix.

Denise Jacques is looking for classroom management advice on how to handle difficult students.

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