Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Web 2.0 in Education: Wednesday October 17, 2007

In the News

Business Wire reports, "LanSchool Technologies LLC, a leading provider of classroom management software, is proud to announce that LanSchool v7.0 won the...Technology and Learning Award of Excellence....(This technology) has enabled tens of thousands of teachers to easily remove distractions such as the Internet, Instant Messaging, E-mail and Games from the classroom."

ZDNet's Christopher Dawson writes, "As a full-time OpenOffice user now (at least when I’m not using Google Apps), I can say without a doubt that educational users aren’t missing anything by using OpenOffice instead of MS Office, except the pricetag."

CNN Money informs us, "McGraw-Hill Higher Education and the ETUDES Consortium at Foothill College, a community of educational institutions that lead the development of open source web-based tools for teaching and learning, have announced a strategic alliance intended to further the development and distribution of content for use by instructors and students."

On the Blogosphere

With reference to the K-12 Online Conference Wesley Fryer writes, "I’ve used Gabcast this afternoon/evening to reflect on Liz Kolb’s wonderful presentation yesterday “Cell Phones as Classroom Learning Tools.”

So, I'm wondering is my own personal blog, The Current Events in Education, Web 2.0? Why/why not?

At Classroom 2.0

Marielle Lange asks, "What widgets do you have on your blog or in your learning content?" She's kind enough to point us to her gallery of educational widgets.

Jesper Isaksson writes, "For those of you who have never heard of I can really recommend this service! I have just started a new project with a class of 26 15 year old Swedish students. In short: the students will produce 5 minute shows about Sweden, youth culture, health and education - In English of course."

This Just In

Google Lit Trips ( offers students a different way to get into literature. The site contains Google Earth placemarks for classic literature, so students can actually 'see' where a story takes place. Currently, most of the selections are at the high school level, but more are being added.

Jott is a new voice recognition program that allows you to send text messages or email by speaking the message via your phone. Read more about about it here:

Thanks to Scott Laleman for sending in this information.

Got News

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