Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Web 2.0 in Education: Wednesday October 3, 2007

In the News

The School Library Journal is featuring Classroom 2.0. The article begins, "Blogs, wikis, podcasting, social networks... it seems the entire world has gone 2.0 crazy. Among the followers are educators, who, in ever increasing numbers, are integrating these online, interactive tools into their classrooms and yes, even libraries."

On the Blogosphere

Wesley Fryer reminds us that when students and teachers are exposed to technology they often run with it. One university instructor asked students to respond to Wes's podcast with Scott McLeod. Read the responses.

Take a look at the K-12 Online Conference page. Introducing EduWikipedia: "The site where educators can collaborate to share the best-of-the-best of educational Web 2.0 Tools! A place to cultivate a network of like-minded educators that are dedicated to harnessing the educational value of Web 2.0 tools This is a site created by educators for educators."

At Classroom 2.0

Rich White writes, "Realized a while back - the only people school firewalls keep away from resources are the teachers - students know of every proxy server on the planet (or create their own at home if needed). " He asks, "Should the focus shift WAY to the "Acceptable use" side and away from "blanket blocking" of every useful sites online?"

Join this discussion on wikis. David Truss started a new group on Ning with this description: "A portal to Connect Classrooms to the World: Global Citizens can Share Talents and Skills with Students. Teachers can find Global Citizens (Volunteers) willing to help in a field of interest that they are working on in their class."

This Just In

Michael Jacobs, president of Azurant Technologies, started a blog on Classroom 2.0. Michael's company offers a risk management solution that looks incredible. His blog will be on safety and security within schools and the classroom.

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