Monday, October 15, 2007

Web 2.0 in Education: Monday October 15, 2007

In the News

"Webmosis Pty Ltd today officially announced the release of 'Kindersay', a free web 2.0 browser-based learning system that uses over 500 videos and images to teach children ages 1 to 4 new words, colors, shapes, ABCs and numbers." Read more at PRWeb.

PRNewswire reports, "Delmar Cengage Learning is proud to announce a new partnership with Interactive Solutions, Inc. (dba to distribute their innovative course.

On the Blogosphere

Wesley Fryer writes, "Day One of the first regular week of the 2007 K-12 Online Conference is up and running! Being online with Sheryl and Lani for the launch this morning, I felt like someone watching the launch of the space shuttle or another rocket from Cape Canaveral."

How to Split an Atom brings us Sclipo: "Sclipo is a social network for sharing and teaching through video and webcam. Sclipo’s focus is on informal learning (opposed to formal learning at online universities)."

David Warlick reports, "DHarter, one of the educators participating in the K12 Online Preconference chat, said, 'A kid the other day said to me that he hates the term Web 2.0…makes sense, it’s 1.0 to him!"

At Classroom 2.0

Elizabeth Davis asks why schools need separate email systems.

Steve Hargadon asks where we should take Classroom 2.0 from here.

Any suggestions for an interactive map application? Michelle Eckstein wants to know.

JoNelle informs us, "Scratch is a free download from MIT where students can create stories, games and animations! Elementary students learn programming skills."

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