Monday, October 1, 2007

Web 2.0 in Education: Monday October 1, 2007

In the News:

An editorial from The Australian Business: "That schools should restrict their use is a sign of the growing prevalence of social networking sites. The issue facing schools -- as well as many workplaces that routinely restrict access to similar sites -- is whether they are missing out on the benefits of social networking tools."

FinanceVisor reports, "The hundreds of thousands of students and adults involved in the "Marching Arts" such as Marching Bands, Drum Corps, Color Guards and more for the first time now have the power of "Web 2.0" at their service, as a new video channel,, has been launched."

On the Blogosphere:

Christopher Dawson writes, "Teachers roam, migrate, work ridiculous hours at home and at school, share and collaborate, and are otherwise perfect candidates for the host of Web applications that aren’t quite ready for prime-time in the corporate world." Read the rest of the post.

Steve Dembo lists what he learned on Twitter one day last week. The list contains a wealth of Classroom 2.0 related ideas.

British Library to Upload 100,000 Historic Texts to the Web. "The main intention of the project is to help teachers gain access to important information more easily."

At Classroom 2.0

Gerry Davis writes: "Voicethread is a new web 2.0 application that gives the user the ability to combine audio with photos in a unique manner. You post your photo story with comments and others can add "voicethreads" to your story, to give one picture many view points."

Ian Grove Stephenson tells us about SketchCast. Learn More!!

JoNelle writes, "Students in my fourth and fifth grade Integrated Technology classes now have their own secure wiki webpage at wikispaces! Students have a secure place to learn and share."

Larry Ferlazzo writes, "The latest site I've learned about is called Asterpix. It allows you to take any video posted on the Internet and easily create "hotspots" in it that allow viewers to click on it and get more information. Here's an example."

Got News:
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