Friday, September 28, 2007

Web 2.0 in Education: Friday September 28, 2007

In the News:

Technology Review reports on Palatial: The People's Atlas in an article entitled, "High Tech Goes Back to the Land." A Palo Alto teacher used the platform to map historic sites in her town.

On the Blogosphere:

A collection of videos on RSS, tagging,, and educational virtual communities brought to us by Vance Stevens.

Roo Reynolds suggests that we look for some information on the Writer/Reader Mashup event that was held last night in London. He begins the job for us.

Steve Dembo is looking for some examples on school policies that support learning with technology and effective ways of using Web 2.0 in early childhood/early elementary settings.

Hey Judge writes about a two day seminar which she hopes will help "draw a new conceptual map of education to define our aims and means of education. Schools are in deep crisis – they no longer work effectively for 21C – but for now we don’t have strong alternatives in place."

At Classroom 2.0:

Tim Holt starts a contest on the most creative reasons not to use technology. One teacher said, ""It takes 7 minutes to get there. If it takes seven minutes in both directions, that is 14 minutes out of the day. Too much time wasted!" What have you heard?

Marian Thacher writes, "I have been thinking lately about how Web 2.0 could enhance the lives of administrators and principals...Here are my answers. Please help me by adding yours."

Marielle Lange offers a widget for keeping track of topics on

This Just In:

Rich White suggests you pay attention to the Greenbush EduSim Project. " The project is an educational 3D interactive virtual environment platform (Metaverse) built on Croquet with simulations being developed for the elementary, middle school , and high school student populations. The goal of the EduSim project is to provide a safe locally hosted 3D interactive environment for virtual class room activities.

Wikispaces now has Widgets! You can now put a video, calendar, spreadsheet, poll, chat room, slideshow, map, or any other tool, gadget, or plugin on your Wikispace. To learn more on how to easily add these Widgets to your wiki, read the blog post at .

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