Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 25, 2007

Blackboard Inc. today announced that faculty and students at academic institutions spanning more than 20 countries are connecting and sharing resources through Scholar®, Blackboard's social bookmarking service. Customized for education, Scholar is fully integrated into the Blackboard Learning System(TM). It provides a targeted, innovative way for users to store online bookmarks, as well as share resources and expertise with peers and colleagues across institutions located around the world. Read the article!!

How can we best attract youngsters to IT careers? Let's try asking them!! Read the article!!

Classroom Maestro is the innovative software tool that enables classroom music teachers to display a variety of musical elements on a computer monitor or projector by simply playing notes on a MIDI keyboard. Using an on-screen staff and keyboard display, this intelligent musical assistant relieves the teacher of the need to use traditional and clumsy display devices, such as chalkboards, whiteboards, and overheads. Best of all, the projected display is always musically correct and formatted perfectly on the fly. With the release of version 2.0, Classroom music teachers can now be even more productive and efficient by taking advantage of these new features: Read More!!

Jeff Branzburg asks if most Web 2.0 education leaders are white, male, Americans. Read it!!

Larry Ferlazzo reports that Dave Deubel links to Expert Village, a network an online site with user generated videos teaching different skills that includes accompanying transcripts.

Check out these teasers from the upcoming K-12 Online Conference 2007. See it here.

According to Hey Jude, "You should teleport to Jo and Sean’s meeting and conference location in Jokaydia, and check out all the fabulous presentations available."

Digizen writes, "Along with the UK's cyberbullying guidance for schools, I've been working hard getting a new site ready for Childnet International - Digizen. The site is targeted at teachers, parents and carers who are interested in understanding and supporting children and young people's online social participation."

From Free Resources for the Net for (Special) Education:
(online resource) Here’s an online community that offers an invaluable free resource to anyone who wants to use sound effects or audio loops in digital projects. SoundSnap is worth checking out, whether you are creating a podcast, a presentation, a website, a science project, or a custom activity for a program like Clicker 5 or Classroom Suite. SoundSnap has literally thousands of well organized and searchable audio files available for download.

From Beyond School: " Since I'm sponsoring a Web 2.0 club at school this year, and also setting my AP Literature students up with their own WordPress MU blogs on our school's site, I made a follow-up: "What is Blogging? Part 2: Using Technorati to Connect with Your Readers." As the title suggests, this one addresses the connectivity afforded by Technorati, and walks viewers through creating a Technorati account, claiming a blog, linking to the Technorati blog page, and so forth." See it here!!

Open Connected and Social Learning: A Call for Participants. Read it!!

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