Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Web 2.0 in Education / Wednesday 26 Sept 2007

In the News:

"The Alabama Best Practices Center, which works to highlight innovative educational practices, recognized (Elizabeth) Kincaid's advanced American history class along with Scarlett Gaddy's AP Government Class at Hillcrest High in the summer edition of its journal, 'Working Toward Excellence.'" Read more from the Montgomery Advertiser.

From the Blogosphere:

Cheryl Nussbaum-Beach asks everyone to help spread word about K12Online07. Check out her blog for a code to embed on your blog.

The Generation Yes Blog provides a look into the NSBA report on teen and tween use of online networks for talking about education and creating content. Yesterday's post provides a link to the report.

Infodoodads introduces Haiku. "Haiku is a learning management system incorporating many web 2.0 features. The tag line is "harmony, simplicity and community," and the site design evokes those aspects of haiku, rather than 5-7-5 pattern intricacies. There _is_ a "haiku of the moment" on the opening page of your account, for inspiration."

How do you get folks more comfortable with new technology? How to nurture fearlessness? Spellbound Blog considers these questions.

Check out this vodcast on video in elearning here.

In Classroom 2.0:

Matt Richardson overcomes initial fear of setting up classroom wiki.

Brent Jones asks, "I'm wondering if anyone out there has considered using something like Eprints for formally publishing items from your primary or secondary school?"

Rich White points us to

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